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Defence Housing Entitlements

The ADF provides significant benefits to their members through the form of subsidised housing or specialist entitlements. The aim of these entitlements are to support recruitment and retention by easing the cost of living associated with service life. 

There are four major tools in your arsenal as an ADF member (or veteran), and plenty of options to consider when making sure they are used effectively:

Strike Property’s experience in administering these entitlements across multiple services in the ADF along with a wealth of property investment experience affords a unique perspective.  Through this perspective you benefit by maximising the financial income that you receive from these grants. 

Home Purchase Assistance Scheme (HPAS)
HPAS is a single-use (per member) lump sum payment of $16,949 (before tax) to help you buy a home. To be eligible you will need to be a full time member or a reservist on a Continuous Full Time Service contract for at least 12 months. The only real challenge with HPAS comes when you are trying to use it as part of your deposit!
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Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme
DHOAS is a recruitment and retention scheme that offers a monthly supplement to the mortgage repayment on your home. The longer you serve the higher the subsidy and length of time you can receive assistance. The rules for DHOAS changed again in late 2022, so make sure you get your head around all the changes!
The Ultimate DHOAS guide
Home Purchase or Sales Expenses Allowance
Home Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance (HPSEA) is a reimbursement for some costs related to selling a home. It usually comes into effect when you purchase a Home using Home Purchase Assistance Scheme (HPAS) on your first home. From there, once you post to your next location you will be eligible to claim HPSEA if you sell that home.
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Getting the most from your ADF Entitlements

If you are a subscriber to any of the Defence websites or social media pages, you’ll see that EVERYONE has a different opinion on how to use their HPAS, HPSEA and DHOAS. And that is fair – everyone’s circumstances are different! However – those strangers on the internet might not know your circumstances! 

If you are here now – you’ve probably realised that it’s too good to waste and you can’t afford to stuff it up! While everyone has an opinion on how to invest in property, most of the time it is an unqualified and uneducated opinion. 

Before you pull the trigger on your ADF Housing Entitlements make sure you discover the ADF Housing Essentials to maximise the funds available to you. You might get a couple of ‘gems’… or you might save yourself tens of thousands of dollars.

Don't take our word for it...

Don't take our word for it...


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