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To get access to the good stuff, you are going to have to put your details in the form just above this. But before we get there, you probably want to understand a bit more about what is available to you.

In total there is about 60 minutes of awesome information. It will give you the essential information that you need (hence the title: The ADF Essentials). Is there going to be more to it? Of course, there is – but for now, the info is broken down into five sections that you must understand before you get started on your property journey.

Before you get to know the information, you need to get to know your presenters (Dan Irwin and Dane Roche). You’ve probably guessed by now that they are both ex-ADF members, but what makes them uniquely qualified to share their expertise about property?

As Qualified Property Investment Advisors, Dan Irwin and Dane Roche hold the competencies and certifications that you should expect from the ADF Property Professionals. Not only that – they have the type of experience in building and managing their own portfolios that you should want on your side.

Looking for a get rich quick scheme? Found others that offer you promises of instant untold wealth from the property market?  Do they have the ‘secret formula’ that only they can enact?

I’m happy to say that you won’t find any of that here.

In fact – the methodologies that we employ are far less complex and safer than any scheme you are going to come across. It is so safe, that you are already using some of the methodologies in your everyday life, unbeknownst to you. Taking the methodology to the next level unlocks the Pillars of Property Success.

Get ready for a snapshot of your entitlements.

If you have just joined the ADF, are you still trying to figure out your RA, MQ, or LIA?

Or maybe you are ready to buy a home and use your HPAS and FHOG. 

Do you understand how to access your DHOAS and DHOAS Lump Sum?

How about the art of using HPSEA to minimise sales expenses?  

If you need to get your head around the grants and entitlements that are specific to the Australian Defence Force, this five-minute video will be absolute gold for you!

PACMAN or the DHOAS website have been great for finding the data about all your grants, but how does it all come together? Did you know that buying the wrong type of house means you won’t get HPAS for the deposit? What about supercharging your ADF specific grants with the other government schemes?

These scenarios will explore a variety of methods that you could use to Maximise your ADF Housing Entitlements. Learn how you can buy your own home with just $30,000 in the bank; how to turn your home into an investment property when posted; how to shortcut the system and get into a home 12 months sooner and how ADF members get an undeniable head start: through Rentvesting.

Ready to have a go and start your property journey? This is what you need to start thinking about. We have a seven-step process that should be followed for every property purchase. If you skip a step – the risk you’re accepting increases dramatically.

If you want to drop the risk levels – you need experience and support from professionals. The Strike Pathway will show you who you need, when you need them and introduces you to the best in the business. Whether it is a DHOAS Mortgage Broker for your finance, a property manager to oversee its function or a great ADF savvy tax agent / accountant… we have the team to support you. 

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