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Week after week, month after month, year after year; it still blows me away when an ADF member asks what they are entitled to from a housing perspective. Whether it be HPAS or DHOAS or HPSEA – it seems that simply having access to PACMAN is not meeting the demands of our members. 

While we focus initially on the ‘what’ is available – arguably the more important question should be ‘how should I use it?’ The days of blindly racing out to buy a property just to get your entitlements – regardless of location and life circumstances – are gone. Now you need to analyse the situation and assess what it the right step for you. 

ADF Property

Free ADF Housing Essentials Training

Do you get sick of being told “go and read PACMAN” or “It’s all on the DHOAS website!”? Us to – we know that the information is all there and accessible if you want to spend hours and hours finding the data. 

But let’s be honest – wouldn’t you rather just getting all the information in one spot? Consolidated to show you not only what your RA/LIA/MQ are and how to leverage them while investing? To demonstrate not only what your DHOAS, HPAS and HPSEA are, but how to put them into action?

The ADF Essentials is designed to give you everything that you need  to get started in your property journey straight away! 


Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS)

There is a HUGE amount of information out there about DHOAS. Unfortunately, a lot of it is based on pure opinion rather than fact. Is DHOAS even worth it? Are the interest rates higher? Should I use the DHOAS Lump Sum? What is the process to get my DHOAS? Who should I go and see for the loan? How long after I discharge can I get the loan? 
Are you ready to learn more about the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme?
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ADF Housing Entitlements - HPAS, DHOAS, HPSEA

You’ve probably heard whispers about your HPAS, DHOAS and HPSEA. You’ve probably even got some mates who have used them. But the truth is depending what type of property you are buying and the purpose of that property – you might not be able to!
If you want to avoiding making some of the most common mistakes out there! Make sure you’re up to date with everything you need to know about exclusive ADF Housing Grants and Entitlements. 
ADF Housing Entitlements DHOAS HPSEA HPAS

Buy a DHA Property

Nothing polarises professionals in the property industry quite like the topic of ‘DHA Investment’. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the topic and with the continuing growth of social media – everyone can have their own soapbox to yell that opinion from too! 

Like all investments, buying a property to be leased to DHA can have it’s complexities but might be perfect if it aligns with your risk profile. There is no denying it – DHA Investment does afford a relatively safe low-risk investment. 

Using your ADF Entitlements to invest

As a member of the ADF, you’re given a huge head start in the property investment space. It is accidental? Probably – because all the entitlements and grants that are on offer have been designed to help members with their own home. 

Nonetheless, your DHA based entitlements (RA, LIA or MQ), HPAS, DHOAS and HPSEA all come together to give every serving member a massive comparative advantage. If you decide to invest in property, it is like starting a 100m sprint already half way down the track.

Don't take our word for it...

Don't take our word for it...


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