Building Your Dream Property Team: The BIG 4 You Need in Your Corner

This week, let’s delve into a crucial topic: assembling the right team for your property team journey.

Who do you want by your side? It’s not about outdated advice from someone whose investment happened two decades ago, but rather about having the key players in your corner to ensure a smooth and successful path. By building your DREAM PROPERTY TEAM, you are ensuring that you are getting the very best outcome, building your property team portfolio, all while allowing you to focus on other things in life, like family, career or hobbies. 

So, who constitutes the BIG 4 in your property team?

1. Mortgage Broker: They are the masters of financial navigation, equipped with the expertise to analyze your financial situation thoroughly. From determining how much the bank might lend you to understanding affordability, a skilled mortgage broker is indispensable. The spectrum varies from novices to seasoned pros who know the game inside out. Having an ace mortgage broker means the difference between merely saving and strategically advancing in your property team goals.

2. Conveyancer or Solicitor: This professional ensures that the terms of your contract are met during the settlement process. Opting for fixed-price services is crucial to avoid escalating fees for every call or email. Their role is legally mandated and pivotal in safeguarding your interests.

3. Qualified Property Investment Advisor: These professionals, like us at Strike, provide tailored advice accredited by industry bodies. With their expertise, they offer contemporary insights and guide you through the ever-evolving property team landscape. Their experience helps navigate the complexities, ensuring you stay ahead in the property game.

3. Accountant: Distinguishing between a tax agent and an accountant is vital. While a tax agent might suffice for standard tax needs, an accountant becomes indispensable as your portfolio expands. They aid in structuring ownership, aligning with long-term goals, and securing a stable financial future, especially for retirement planning.

    property team
    Each member of this BIG 4 plays a pivotal role in elevating your property journey. A weak link here could potentially constrain your progress, while a stellar team can propel you toward unprecedented success.

    Remember, the right team propels your property journey to new heights.

    The benefits of a Qualified Property Investment Advisor:

    • Work with you to develop your wants & needs in the specific property
    • Provide research reports and data that enables the selection of the property location
    • Develop and evaluate a short-list of properties
    • Gather and review contracts
    • Liaise with solicitor regarding legal review and exchange of contracts
    • Liaise with mortgage broker or DHOAS lender to secure finance approval
    • Conduct pre-settlement or pre-handover inspections
    • Co-ordinate all parties for settlement
    • Project manage the build of your property
    • Facilitate property management, inspections, insurances and depreciation reports


    Strike Property – Our Buyers Advocacy Service

    The Strike Property approach to buyers advocacy is all-encompassing and can be applied to a variety of residential property types. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or you are a seasoned investor seeking out a one-of-a-kind investment property, we can deliver it for you. 

    Currently, we have supported more than 200+ property transactions, generating a combined portfolio of over $130 Million. Whether you’re entering the property market for the first time, or you are a seasoned property investor, we can guide and mentor you on the next steps to take to ensure you maximise your portfolio.

    It’s not all about us. When you choose to work with Strike Property we make it all about you. By genuinely getting to know you, we can build a way forward that will take you to financial freedom and a lifetime of joy.

    Reach out to the team and book a free discovery session with a Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

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