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ADF members, more than any other collective group, find themselves needing to buy property in a location that is different to where they reside. This is natural based on the regularity of posting to different places in Australia. Some clients are buying their property in a future posting location, some of them are wanting to buy an investment outside the boundary directed in PACMAN.

Whatever the scenario, the buyer’s advocates service provided by Strike Property can assist in sourcing a variety of property options.

What is a Buyer's Advocate?

You have all heard about Real Estate Agent’s – they are the go-to professionals selling a property. In short, the owner of the property contracts the agent to act in their interests to achieve the very best sale outcome. Can you sell a home without an agent? 

Yes – of course – but more than 99% of all property transactions are conducted with an agent. And this experience makes them VERY good at achieving the outcome for their client.

Buyer’s Advocates sits on the other side of the coin. Acting in almost perfect opposition to the selling agent – acting in your best interests. They are searching for your property (including off market options), negotiating the best price and terms, and facilitating the transaction so that you can have a enjoyable, hands-off purchase. 

Why use Buyer's Advocates?

Far too often we see buyers ‘trusting’ the advice of a selling agent. That’s right. They are trusting the advice of the agent that is employed to act for the seller. The same agent who’s fundamental role is to solicit the maximum amount of money from them.

That’s why you need a professional on your side when you are buying – to offset the professional on the opposite (selling) side of the transaction. Here’s what your Buyer’s Advocates should bring to the relationship:

How can Strike help you?

I am new to property

We understand that this is a very daunting experience. There are conflicting strategies and information which can be overwhelming.

Strike Property has qualified and experienced professionals with a shared background and ethos dedicated to getting you on the pathway to success.

I want to maximise my portfolio

Now that you have acquired some properties, how do you maximise your portfolio? How do your properties complement each other and are they optimised for your future goals?

Strike Property knows that these questions grow over time and will show you how to reach financial freedom with a customised plan.

How our service works

The Strike Property Buyers Advocacy service is one of a kind. It will all start when you meet with one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors during a Free Discovery Session

This will usually be a video call to allow you to get a feel for the Strike Property team and for us to decide whether its best for you to progress to developing a strategy together.

The Strategy sessions are focused around your financial position, growth and income goals, the investor time horizon and risk profiles. These are critical elements that need to be ascertained before the exciting parts can start.

Strike Poperty Services

The pathway to financial success

The Pathway is tried and tested. With any investment actions, planning and education is essential to ensure that the right asset is sourced for your portfolio. With your goals being the nucleus that drives this, Strike Property is able to apply your personal situation to get maximum results.

Step 1

Have a chat with us

Chat to a Qualified Property Investment Advisor so we can find out how we can help you

Step 2

Build a plan to suit your goals

Take part in our Strategy Sessions to develop a tailor-made plan to suit your goals

Step 3

Locations & pathway education

Access our Operations Guide (our comprehensive playbook) & Target Location Reports. It all starts with education

Step 4

Meet the key players

Access the complete suite of professionals who will provide you first class service

Step 5

Property purchase management

Management of purchasing process and settlement – from contract negotiation, review, signing, finance applications, extensions – we handle it all

Step 6

Post-settlement support

Full comprehensive support throughout the construction process – making the process stress free and enjoyable

Step 7

Review & instil future steps

We don’t go away – we will help you define your next steps to continue your path to financial freedom!

The benefits of a Qualified Property Investment Advisor:

The Strike Property approach to buyers advocacy is all-encompassing and can be applied to a variety of residential property types. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or you are a seasoned investor seeking out a one-of-a-kind investment property, we can deliver it for you. 

Speak to a qualified Property Investment Advisor today

Don't take our word for it...


Don't take our word for it...

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