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getting a property that is manageable for you might mean you don’t want to go to the top of your borrowing capacity. Finding a price conscious investment alternative under $500K in a great location may be just what you need. 

QLD Metro



$585 K

3 Bedroom

$490 per week

Just like a house without the price tag

This RAAF Corporal was looking to put her deployment funds to god use. With interest rates on the move, finding a property that was manageable on a sole income was the goal. 

This property had a purchase price of $485k. Not bad at all! Being close to a capital city and major amenities has all the elements for mechanical capital growth. 

This is the ultimate set and forget. 

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ADF Property

Strike Property newly built house

You’ve probably heard whispers about your HPAS, DHOAS and HPSEA. You’ve probably even got some mates who have used them.

Are you ready to learn more about the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme?

If you are in the ADF and decide to invest in property, it is like starting a 100m sprint already half way down the track.

ADF Housing Entitlements DHOAS HPSEA HPAS

There is no denying it – DHA Investment does afford a relatively safe low-risk investment. 

ADF Property

Sick of being told “go and read PACMAN” or “It’s all on the DHOAS website!”? Wouldn’t you rather just getting all the information in one spot?

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HPAS Facts

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