Discovery Sessions

What should I expect?

Your Discovery Session is the chance for you to get familiar with the Strike Property team and our chance to meet you. This is a no strings attached, completely complementary phone call that is focused primarily on answering your questions.

That’s right – it is all about you.

What we cover is broadly dictated by what you want to know – but we find a few themes to our conversations.

We know that it is comfortable asking random strangers on the internet for answers – but at the end of the day, context is required. That context can only be gained through targeted questioning to understand exactly what your trying to achieve. A classic for this one is “Should I use my DHOAS lump sum?”… the answer can never be provided without a lot more questions being asked.

The answer to this is a resounding ‘no’, so long as they are as highly motivated to succeed as we find our ADF and veteran clients to be. Every year, our client portfolio moves closer to being a 50-50 mix of ADF members and veterans and non-ADF members.

How does the Strike Property investment process work? For most people, buying a home is done once, maybe twice in their lives. It makes sense that they don’t have a tried, tested and optimised process. In fact, most people rely on the Real Estate Agent that is acting for the seller to provide them guidance. What you really need is an experienced advocate operating with your best interests at heart, not just buying the house, but ensuring that you understand the process you are undertaking. 

e know that some investors want a completely hands of experience. That is why a DHA property is so attractive – guaranteed rent, minor maintenance paid for; what’s not to love? The biggest challenge is buying the right property – and making the purchase as hands of as possible is where Strike Property sets itself apart.

The next steps after your Discovery Session.

While the Discovery Session is amazing for answering short questions; if you have more complex circumstances, you will require a personalised analysis. So in the space of just 20 minutes (the usual length of a call) you will have:

  • Clear understanding of what you will experience as a Strike Property client and how you benefit
  • Better understanding of how the Property Industry operates; and how you can take advantage to achieve your goals
  • The opportunity to take the next step and join a Qualified Property Investment Advisor ® for the development of your complete Strategic Wealth Plan. 

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