Home Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance (HPSEA)

Home Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance (HPSEA)

What is it?

Home Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance (HPSEA) is a reimbursement for some costs related to selling a home. If you’re buying a home other than your first, you can claim some costs using HPSEA. 

The critical element to HPSEA is it will only be applicable if you maintain a buy-sell-buy cycle linked to your posting. 

It usually comes into effect when you purchase a Home using Home Purchase Assistance Scheme (HPAS)on your first home. From there, once you post to your next location you will be eligible to claim HPSEA if you sell that home.

Note: You cant claim HPSEA and HPAS at the same stage of the cycle i.e. post to a new location and purchase a home and submit an application for both grants.

If you break the cycle, you are able to re-enter in the future. You need to sell the home you’re living in at the time you get your posting order to a new location. That sale will allow you to make a claim. 

Am I Eligible for it?

  • You and your family need to live in it (If you live away from your family for Service reasons, you may buy a home in their location. This doesn’t include if your family live in a personal location)
  • the sale costs are related to your new posting
  • You sign a contract to sell the home within 2 years of getting your posting order to the next location
  • you sign a contract to buy it within 4 years of getting your posting order to the new location
  • You can also get HPSEA for selling a home if your continuous full time service (CFTS) will end in the next 12 months
Must be for the purchase of either buying an existing home, build a new home, buy land to later build a home on. 

Note: usual time limits may not be applicable if you are posted to:

  • an overseas location
  • a specified location
  • an adjacent positng location
  • a location where you’re required to stay in living-in accommodation or a service residence

What will get Reimbursed?

  • solicitor or broker fees
  • agent or auctioneer fees or commission
  • government duties or fees

What can't I claim?

  • building or land surveys
  • council rates
  • utilities
  • staging fees
  • pre-sale inspections
  • home and garden cleaning or maintenance

How do I get it?

Use an Application for Home Purchase Assistance Scheme or Home Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance (AC970) form. You can download this from the webforms portal on the Defence Protected Network (DPN).

Ensure you have:

  • your posting order
  • a copy of your settlement confirmation
  • a copy of your mortgage release
  • copies of tax invoices or receipts for payments you’re claiming as a real estate agent, solicitor or conveyancer fees


If you would like any more information please reach out to the Strike Property Team!

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