Practical Completion Inspections – Why Do they Exist?

Practical Completion Inspections - Why Do they Exist?

So, we are coming to the end of the build process and emotions are kicking into overdrive at your brand new home being complete. We are on the verge of getting a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) done, but what do they actual do for us?

Firstly, it is an inspection carried out at the end of the construction period which is performed by an independent inspector and is a critical step in the construction process. We emphasise the word independent – this is not a step to short cut or go for the cheapest option. Don’t let the builder try and provide their own inspector – that is a red flag…

This inspection ensures that all works have been completed in accordance with the contract and building regulations. It also identifies any outstanding works or defects that need to be rectified PRIOR to final inspection and handover.

Please, please, please do not freak out when you see that your new home has defects – this is completely normal! Your house is not going to fly away in the wind. These defects will be rectified – the whole purpose of the PCI. The building inspector assesses the property using a comprehensive checklist to ensure every part of the property reaches the standards required. This report will include photographic evidence and will be provided to your builder to rectify.

The Strike Process

Strike Property will administrate this whole process for you. Ensuring that an impartial, third party inspector is introduced.  The coordination of the inspections, receival of the report and the coordination for the builder to return to site to rectify these defects are done in a timely and systematic way to ensure that you, as the owner, have one of the most important steps done right!

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