Why are Routine Inspections Important?

Why are routine inspections important?

Routine inspections are carried out by your property manager roughly every 3 to 6 months. The purpose of the inspections is to:

1. Maintenance

Inspections can identify maintenance and repair needs, allowing the property manager to address these issues in a timely manner, preventing further damage and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

2. Tenant relations

Regular inspections can help property managers maintain good relationships with tenants by ensuring that the property is well-maintained, safe, and in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

3. Compliance

Inspections can help ensure that properties are in compliance with relevant regulations, such as building codes, health and safety regulations, and environmental laws.

4. Risk management

Inspections can help identify potential risks, such as fire hazards, structural issues, and health and safety concerns, allowing the property manager to address these risks and minimize the potential for accidents and liability.

Moving trustworthy high-quality tenants onto a 6-month routine inspection schedule can really encourage them to go from new tenants to long term tenants. Let’s face it, having inspections too often can impact on a tenant’s life due to causing disruption to their everyday routine. The purpose is to safeguard your investment so if the tenant has not been performing, then opt for a tighter time frame to conduct the inspections.

Following each routine inspection, you will be provided with a full report including photos. 

These reports not only allow you to see your investment and how it’s looking, but also provides a record in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, and your Property Manager requires evidence for QCAT. 

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