Choosing a Team of Successful & Qualified Property Advisors

How do I know if I have the RIGHT Property Investment team around me?

Ok, so you want to start investing in property, but we need the right people or advisors in our corner. This requires extensive research and planning as this is your future. The portfolio that you build needs to perform and able to withstand the rigours of the market and continue to build your wealth over your investing career. Right, so who do you need to have with you on your property journey?

Qualified Property Investment Advisors (QPIA)

Remember, this is an accreditation that is awarded to someone who has meet all the codes of conduct and study requirements from Property Investment Professionals Australia (PIPA). At Strike Property you will always be guided by a QPIA who will always have your best interests at heart. They have assisted over 200 ADF members and their families secure their future through property. Investors themselves, they ‘walk the talk’ and are the perfect mentors to have in your corner.

Guided by a proven process, everything is tailored to meet your needs and goals for the future – one size does not fit everyone.


A very important cog in the wheel indeed. A gun accountant is vital. I think it goes without saying, the accountant needs to be property savvy. They can ensure compliance at tax time, we all know how it is ever changing and laws can change from one year to the next. They will maximise your tax savings; ensuring that take advantage of all deductions and credits you’re eligible for. If the ATO do come knocking on your door you will also have professional representation to deal with them – I couldn’t imagine anything worse than dealing with them directly, could you?

Finance Broker

In a nut shell, they are responsible for getting you money from the bank. They will assess your borrowing capacity – looking at your credit score, financial situation, income, debt to determine it. Once that is established, they go shopping for the best product to suit you. Comparing and research these products from a range of lenders. Then they will facilitate the loan application process, gathering and submitting all necessary documentation and providing guidance throughout the loan process. 


You will need solicitor who specialises in property transactions and handles the transfer of ownership of real estate. Your Solicitor will ensure that all contracts are legal and fair to you as the purchaser, with no hidden surprises. They will go into bat for you with the developer and the builder to protect you and ensure a smooth transaction. They will advise on all legal requirements, represent your interests, and coordinate the settlement process. Nothing is achievable without them, however there can be good ones and bad – so getting this person correct is very important.

We are prepared to openly share personal experiences and those of the people we have helped, as well as the goals and strategies we can put in place for you. Remember that choosing the Advisors that you work with is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your property journey.

Always ensure your Advisors has a complete understanding in all types of investing and the different markets that exist – their knowledge must be current in an ever-changing environment to be sure that you’re being introduced to outstanding opportunities.

Build Support Manager

Building a house may well be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It can also be one of the most stressful. There is so much to consider prior to construction with choosing floor plans, inclusions and colours, contract signing, finance applications and approvals, correspondence with the builder, solicitor, broker etc. Then there’s the actual construction. Keeping up to date with progress, knowing if a claim is due for payment that the relevant works to complete that stage are done, processing the claim with your lender and understanding all the ins and outs of construction. It’s not for the faint hearted, but teaming with Strike Property advisors ensures that you have a dedicated Build Support Manager to project manage all of this for you. We can ensure that the experience of building (whether it’s your first time or fifth time), is as stress free and enjoyable, as it should be..

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